The school council members represent their own class and support the school through allowing them to voice opinions or feelings and to offer ideas on how we can make changes which benefit the whole school and to raise money for the school. It is important for the pupils to feel part of the whole school community as well as feeding back to our governing body once a term.  


Here are our School council/eco representatives for the year 2016-2017:


Meithrin/Derbyn – Warren Pearce

                            -Naomi Scourfield

Blwyddyn 1 – Anwen Watson

Year 1 – Ollie Mitchell

Blwyddyn 2 – Betsi Davies

Year 2 – Harvey Nash

Blwyddyn 3 – Amy Williams

Year 3 – Grace Fuller

Blwyddyn 4 – Llyr Davies

Year 4 – Celyn Pearce

Blwyddyn 5 – Caira Haycocks

Year 5 – Joseph Rees

Blwyddyn 6 – Liam Thomas

Year 6 – Alysha Woodhall


The School council pupils are also part of the Eco committee. They work very hard throughout the year to ensure the school is eco friendly and we have recently been awarded the Platinum baner, which only 10% of schools in Wales have achieved.