The school has been extremely lucky to have an effective and supportive PTA over the years. Currently the PTA has been suspended due to the lack of volunteers to man the commintee. If you are interested and have the time and energy to support the school in this way please contact the school. You do not have to be one of out parents, as long as you would like to help the school in raising funds.

During the last year the PTA have bought a lot of resources to make the life of children in the school more enjoyable. These include:

  • Teaching resources for each class
  • new Enhglish and Welsh reading books
  • A cookit to help with cookery lessons
  • A climbing frame for the older and younger children
  • Sports equipment
  • A climbing wall
  • Target walls for the yard
  • play kitchen for the infant class 

and many other smaller items.

If you feel that you cannot support the PTA by being a commitee member please support the many events we hold during the year.